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About Me

Born in Cleveland, OH, Dale "Chubby" Nevin grew up as the youngest of three siblings. Early on, he was designated as the family historian. This is because, ever since he was a child, Dale Nevin always had a camera in his hand. He built his own dark room and learned to develop film by the age of 9. Dale even had several pictures printed in the local newspaper. Upon graduating from high school Dale entered Polaris art school where he majored in photography. After just one semester, Dale left art school to apprentice with one of Ohio's  most revered studios. "I felt that art school was teaching me traditional methods, which I feel are important, but I wanted to live outside the box", Dale recalls. "If I were to do it again, I might have remained in school". However, Dale's irreverence quickly gained him notoriety as his unique style was breathtaking, and easily recognizable as his.

Dale has always chosen to remain an independent photographer. His range is designed to accommodate and endeavor. "I love creating vibrant imagery for a commercial shoot. But I also like spending time with a family, creating a memorable portrait. I really have no preference. Every shoot is a unique challenge, with unique possibilities."

Although Dale is highly in demand, he is always open to new projects.
No job is too big or too small.

Call Chubby's Photography today.
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